Skylights-205x225Do you want more natural light streaming into your home during the day? Would you love to be able to see the stars at night from the comfort of your home? Adding a skylight in Chicagoland will increase natural light intake during the day and give you a beautiful view of the night sky as well.

By installing a skylight onto your home, Advanced Roofing Inc. can help decrease your energy costs while increasing your home’s curb appeal. The increase in natural light that adding skylight will provide will lower your energy costs by decreasing the amount of time that your homes electric lights need to be on.

Increasing natural light can even improve your health! Studies have shown that increasing the amount of natural light that your body is exposed to can improve the production of important vitamins such as vitamin D.

Velux Flat Panel Skylight
Traditional flat panel skylights are available in a wide ranges of sizes and can be installed on pitched or flat rooftops, in either fixed or venting models. They bring an enormous amount of natural light into your home. Modern skylights are engineered to be weather-resistant and highly energy efficient, thanks to advanced frame materials and low-e thermal glass packages. The Velux skylights installed by Advanced Roofing come with a 10-year warranty.

Velux Sun Tunnel
The innovative Velux Sun Tunnel – often called a solar tube – is a device that captures daylight from the rooftop and carries the light through a tubular shaft to deliver a soft, diffused light into your home. Solar Tubes are an economical and efficient way to achieve natural lighting to any area of the home, and can often fit in tight spaces that are not appropriate for a traditional flat panel skylight. All at a cost that can be as low as 1/3 that of a traditional skylight!

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