Roofing Glossary

Roofing Glossary


Your roof is a complex system of parts that work together to protect your family and your possessions. At Advanced Roofing Inc. we think you should be as informed as possible before making your roofing choice.

Ice & Water Shield – This polymeric layer provides watertight integrity at critical roofing areas. The leak shield is installed a minimum of 6 feet up your roofline from the edge of the roof wrapped over the fascia board at gutter/eaves, at junctions where two roofing planes meet, around the chimney, at the intersection of a roof plane and a vertical wall, and around any penetration through the roofline (vents, skylights, etc).Underlayment – An engineered felt paper layer is installed on all exposed roof decking. Advanced materials provide improved protection to prolong the life of your roof.

Starter strips – The starter strip is securely fasted along all edges of the roofline to prevent wind and water from creeping up under shingles.

Shingles – There are many shingle options, including asphalt, fiberglass, slate, tile, wood and copper. We’ll evaluate your home and make good, better and best recommendations for your needs, then install products that are top quality and come with full warranties.

Ventilation – Often overlooked by inexperienced or “budget” roofers, ventilation may be the single most important component of a roofing system. Proper ventilation provides temperature balance between the attic and the roof exterior. This helps to prevent the build up of heat and moisture in the attic and on the roof decking, prolonging roof life. It also helps prevent the formation of dangerous “ice dams” that can cause leaks and structural damage in the winter. It’s not surprising that without proper ventilation the manufacturer will void any warranty claims. Beware of roofers who do not specify a warranted roof complete with sufficient intake (soffit) and exhaust (baffled ridge) vents.

Flashing – Objects that break the plane of the roof (chimneys, skylights, vents, etc.) are weak spots that have the potential to allow water and wind to enter the home. At Advanced Roofing Inc., we seal these openings with high quality flashing that is custom fit and installed.

Shingle Cap – A special shingle that is made to cover the peak of your roof, enhance the roof’s overall look and validate the roofing system’s warranty.

Warranty – Our roofing components come with the industry’s best warranties against defects. In addition, Advanced Roofing Inc. offers our own 100% satisfaction workmanship warranty to further protect your investment.

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