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Commercial RoofingAdvanced Roofing Inc. provides professional roofing for commercial and industrial buildings throughout Chicago, the Fox Valley region and beyond, including office buildings, malls, manufacturing facilities, multi-unit housing, apartment buildings, churches, schools, municipal buildings, condominiums and warehouses.

For over four decades, Advanced Roofing Inc. has been providing quality roofing service to Illinois businesses and residents.
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We can assess the condition of your roof and provide you with the best way to get the job done while delivering maximum value. We work closely with building owners, property managers, corporate owners, insurance adjusters and municipal managers to ensure that your businesses get the best in roofing contracting service.

In the event of roof damage, our commercial roofing experts can make a determination of the repairs needed and our crews quickly get to work to keep your building protected. In many cases we are able to make repairs to a damaged or failing roof to avoid complete roof replacement and add years to the roof’s effective life.

We also offer scheduled roof maintenance programs that can greatly extend the life of a roofing system at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


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